Tag: me in 20 questions!

Hi everybody, I already posted 2 articles and I did’t really introduce myself, so I thought it was a good idea to do this tag so that you can know me a little bit better. I hope you will like it.

1 .What is your favorite color ?
Blue 💙

2. What is your favorite number ?
9, I don’t know why 😂

3. What is your dream career ?
I really really want to be press officer!

4. What do you do in your free time ?
I read, listen music, watch TV, surf on the web..

5. Where do you want to travel ?
I’d love to travel to Australia, England and America.

6. What is your favorite hobbies ?
Dance, fashion, volley ❤

7. What is your favorite store ?

8. What is your favorite subject at school ?

9. What’s your favorite movie ?
I don’t really know, I’d say “respire” by Mélanie Laurent, it’s a french movie who talks about toxic friendships, I really suggest you to watch it.

10. 3 things you can’t live without ?
My phone, food, people I love

11. You can’t sleep without…?
Quilt, even during summer

12. If you win one million $, what would you do ?
Do shopping, travel a lot, pay my dream studies, buy things to my family and friends and donate to charity.

13. Favorite celebrity ?
I don’t really have a favorite one.

14. What is your favorite dish ?

15. Your favorite animal is…?

16. Your favorite season ?
Fall 🍁

17. What is your favorite book of all time ?
Harry Potter! Of course

18. What do you hate the most ?
Social inequalities, the hunger in the world, selfishness and the war

19. Do you have animals ?
Yes a cat 😻

20. Your favorite blogs ?
Le happy
Gal meets glam


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